Cessco Fabrication & Engineering Ltd.

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March 4, 2016 –

As of March 3, all temporary OH&S orders resulting from our incident have been lifted.

President David Turner said, `…Our Safety and Production personnel have worked extremely hard and managed to comply all OH&S orders in an incredibly short period of time. Hopefully this gives all our partners confidence in the amazing response our company has made in such difficult circumstances. My thanks go out to all those involved…’

The OHS investigation into the incident itself continues with the Company’s full support and cooperation; we are told this can take up to two years to complete. The investigation into Cessco and its safety policies and practices however has concluded and with an extremely positive result.

Further inquiries may be made at 780-433-9531.


January 26, 2016 –

The staff and management at CESSCO would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the multitude of industry associates, unions, customers, suppliers, and competitors alike who have sent messages of support as well as condolences to the family.  We are fortunate to be working in an industry where colleagues are also friends.

President Don McFarlane said, `…I am very proud of our staff both in the support they have shown for Barry’s family as well as for each other.   After the pause to reflect, it’s important to keep moving forward, and they have done that…’

The OHS investigation continues with the Company’s full support and cooperation;  work at CESSCO continues without restriction.

Further inquiries may be made at  780-433-9531.


January 20, 2016

Around 6:30 pm on Tuesday, January 19, an injury accident resulting in fatality occurred at CESSCO Fabrication & Engineering Ltd.  Both EPS and OH&S attended the scene and have subsequently released the area back to the Company.  At this time CESSCO is co-operating fully with the OH&S investigation as well as conducting its own internal investigation.  The nature of the accident was a fall from height.  President & General Manager Don McFarlane commented, `…while we are assisting with the ongoing investigation, our primary focus at this time is providing any necessary assistance to the family and  the wellbeing of our employees…’

Further updates will be made available at the appropriate time.  Requests for information should be directed to  780-433-9531.



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Cessco once again to Sponsor 2014 Snow Sculpture Garden

Silver_Skate_2011_ 186

International Snow Sculpture Symposium
In the spirit of mutual support and cooperation, twelve teams of local, national and international artists create Edmonton’s largest sculpture garden on the first weekend of the event. Each year teams of artists manage to transform enormous blocks of snow into a magical wonderland for you to enjoy over the course of the festival. The Internation Snow Sculpture Symposium at Silver Skate attracts many local and visiting artists from far away as Africa, Argentina, the Netherlands, Mexico, Minnesota, Quebec, and Britich Columbia. Each sculpture is as unique and individual as the artist that creates it and the public has the difficult task to pick their favourite.
International Snow Sculpture Symposium presented by Cessco Fabrication & Engineering in 2014. Visit Silver Skate Festival.


Please join us in providing support to the ‘Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society’. They provide guide dogs, assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities and autism. Visit Dogs with Wings.